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Why is employability important - to academic staff?

Employability draws on attributes that are developed and used in multiple settings and vary from individual to individual. This page highlights the importance of employability to academic staff.

To academic staff:

The things employers generally value in new graduates are things that most teachers in higher education generally value

Harvey & knight (2003)Helping Departments to Develop Employability
  • Employability plays an important role in the implementation of the colleges' Learning and Teaching Strategies. It is part of good learning practice. Students who engage in developing their employability are likely to be independent, reflective and responsible learners.
  • Innovative learning, teaching and assessment methods which promote students’ understanding and help them to engage in ‘deep’ learning will also enhance their employability.
  • Involving employers in the education experience, for example, through placements, case studies, delivery of guest lectures, can help students appreciate the relevance of their course and learn how to apply theory and knowledge in practical ways in the workplace.
  • In some subject areas, employability links to requirements for accreditation from professional bodies.