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Welcome to the Curriculum Toolkit for embedding student development, employability and careers into the curriculum.

The ways we design and deliver our curricula can create subject experts who are well-rounded and confident individuals, prepared to achieve success in whatever they do, wherever they go.

How can our curricula support this?  This toolkit introduces 10 curriculum design elements drawn from research and practice across the higher education sector that can support student development, employability, and careers.  For each element it provides motivation, examples and simple guidelines for embedding the element in your curricula.  The toolkit also includes approaches for reviewing your own curriculum against any of these elements.

Definitions and drivers:  Interested in what we mean by student development, employability and careers, or why using our curricula to support these is important?  Follow the link below for more information.

Definitions and drivers

Picture of 10 curriculum design elements

Ten curriculum design elements that foster student development, employability and careers their definitions and relevance, things to consider when embedding them, examples of practice, and further reading.

Diagram of a three-stage self-review process

Knowing how your current provision supports student development, employability and careers is key to planning and implementing curricular development.  On this page you can find two approaches to reviewing your curriculum.

In 2018/19, we conducted a University-wide mapping of the undergraduate curriculum using the 10 curriculum design elements – this page presents the outcomes.

If you have questions, suggestions of examples or further reading to include, or would like to discuss how to enhance the provision in your area, please get in touch.