Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses

Learning Abstracts

‘Learning Abstracts’ from previous summer SLICCs

Students write a ‘Learning Abstract’ as part of their Final Reflective Report at the end of their SLICC. The learning abstract should include a brief outline of why the student initially chose their experience, what they wanted to learn about through their experience and a short overview of their learning journey. The abstracts offer insight into each student’s unique learning journey and provide examples of the types of experiences which students can use towards SLICC.  

Below you will find Learning abstracts written by students who took part in Summer SLICCs   during the 2020 pandemic. While only a few of them explicitly refer to this in their abstracts, the COVID-19 pandemic will have impacted each of the students' experiences to some extent - whether this be changing original experiences due to travel restrictions, internships and summer employment moving online, or simply getting used to the 'new normal'. All these students did a fantastic job of dealing the with challenges the pandemic presented and working through their SLICC at the same time.  


Experience: Independent Research Project 


Experience: Internship


Experience: Volunteering