Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses


Information about SLICCs' eligibility criteria


  • Open to first and second year undergraduate students and will offer 20 academic credits at SCQF Level 8.

    • Students from other years of study are only able to undertake a SLICC following a special concession from the relevant College.  Please contact the SLICC team directly via
  • The experience you undertake must not be a compulsory part of your degree programme, or already credit-bearing e.g. a placement period integrated within your degree.
  • The experience itself may be shorter, but the time you spend on your SLICC overall should be at least 5 weeks.  
    • E.g. you may have a 4-week internship which you are using for your SLICC and during which you are exploring how the company's supply chain works.  But you also plan to use the preceding week to investigate different supply chain models before starting your intership.  Overall, your SLICC lasts five weeks throughout which you are investigating your chosen topic of supply chains - both theoretically (before your internship) and in an applied setting (during your internship). 
  • Your SLICC can only commence after the summer exam diet in May, and you must be able to submit your final report by the first week of August.  
    • NB  It doesn't matter when your summer experience starts or finishes as long as you will have at least 5 weeks that you spend on your SLICC between the end of the May exams and the first week of August, and can write up and submit your final report for your SLICC on time.
    • If you are very keen to do a SLICC but your summer activity occurs too late to allow your SLICC to be completed on time, a discretionary dispensation will be considered to allow you to submit late.  This is not guaranteed and if you do, your SLICC marks will only be confirmed later in the academic year after the summer - this means you will not be able to use these credits to inform your elective course choices for that academic year.  
  • Only 200 places are available and are allocated first-come, first-served, based on the date of submitting a successful SLICC proposal.


Multiple SLICCs

The maximum number of summertime SLICCs a student can complete is two: one in each of their summers following Y1 and Y2.  In these situations they will be recorded as different courses on the student’s record, as two SLICCs exist in the course catalogue, one for Y1 students and the other for Y2 students.  Both would be at SCQF Level 8.   The distinction will be clear in the course titles.  While the learning outcomes will be the same, the experiential nature means the ‘content’ of each SLICC course will differ markedly.  Within the application process, students are required to indicate if they have completed a SLICC previously and, if so, how their second will differ from, and/or build on their first.