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Apply for summer SLICCs

Information about the SLICCs application process and other ways to get your summer activities recognised.

Choosing the right route to having your summer activity recognised

The University has two main ways of recognising your summer activities and helping you get the most of them:

  • SLICCs
  • The Edinburgh Award

Each of these has a slightly different focus, involves different amounts of work, provides different recognition and has different eligibility criteria.  We recommend that you review both options before choosing which to apply for - go to the 'Make Your Summer Count' website below.

Make Your Summer Count


Applying to do a SLICC 

Places will be limited for summer 2020.  

To apply to do a SLICC, you will need to submit a brief outline of what your project would be and what you hope to gain from the experience.  If successful in your application, you will be required to engage with a preparatory material, then complete a formal proposal, where you will receive some academic feedback to finalise it.  It is only once your proposal is approved that your place on the SLICCs for summer 2020 will be confirmed.  At this point it will be like any other academic course, and your mark will be included on your transcript/HEAR.


Before you apply

Be sure to watch the introductory videos to get more information about the programme before you apply.

Introductory videos in the 'About SLICCs' section

How to apply

Go to the 'Make Your Summer Count' website and follow the links to get details on SLICCs and to access the Application Form.

Make Your Summer Count



You'll find extensive information about SLICCs, including eligibility criteria, on the 'Make Your Summer Count.  

If you still have any questions, please contact the SLICCs Team: