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Fees and funding

Find details on all aspects of fees and finance, from tuition fees, how to identify your fee status, and funding opportunities.

 Tuition fees and costs

Annual tuition fees are listed on the Undergraduate Study Programme Fees page related to your programme.

Successful applicants for the Learning in Communities programme will be required to join Disclosure Scotland's Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme with the University of Edinburgh as the Registered Body.  You must cover the cost of joining the PVG Scheme, which is currently between £18 and £59.

Fee Status and Government Funding

We charge different rates depending on your fee status, for example 'home' or 'overseas'.

Your tuition fee status is determined by:

  • your nationality
  • the country where you normally live - where you are 'ordinarily resident'

Work out your tuition fee status


Tuition fees for eligible students from Scotland are expected to be paid by the Student Awards Agency For Scotland (SAAS).

Students from the rest of the UK should apply for tuition fee and living cost support from their appropriate funding body depending on where they normally live:

Scholarships and funding

Scholarship opportunities are subject to change each year. Students requiring funds in order to study are encouraged to seek out opportunities from the University and external funding bodies.  

University and external funding

Scholarships, loans and other funding

The University offers a range of scholarships, loans and funding schemes. The Scholarships and Student Funding Services is a good source of information for these. 

Scholarships, loans and other funding

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