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Graduates are qualified to teach and eligible for provisional registration from the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) in primary and secondary schools. Eligible graduates may join a guaranteed, paid, one-year probationary teaching post.

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Successful completion of the MA (Hons) Physical Education will confer professional registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), a necessary requirement for teachers in all state schools and most independent schools in Scotland.

The programme enables students to teach across ages 5-18 in both primary and secondary school settings.

Professional registration is a necessary requirement for teachers in all state schools and most independent schools in Scotland. Professional registration with the GTCS is also recognised as an indicator of high quality in many countries outside of Scotland but you should seek guidance from the education authority in countries outside of the UK to determine whether this degree will enable you to teach there.

Teacher Induction Scheme

Eligible graduates are entitled to a place on the internationally-renowned Scottish Teacher Induction Scheme, providing a paid one-year guaranteed teaching post with reduced class contact time and support from a school mentor, as graduates work towards the Standard for Full Registration (SFR) as a teacher. Students from Scotland, other parts of the UK (RUK) and Member States of the European Union, who are studying at a Scottish Higher Education Institution are eligible to join this scheme which is organised by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

Participation in the scheme is not compulsory and some may choose to follow the alternative Flexible Route which is less structured and may better suit personal circumstances.

Students from non-EU overseas countries who choose to attend teacher education programmes at Scottish universities can also follow the alternative Flexible Route to complete probationary service if they are able to remain in Scotland on completion of their studies.

Former graduates are employed as teachers of physical education across the globe and many in promoted posts.

Preference Waiver Payment Scheme

Eligible graduates may also join the General Teaching Council for Scotland's Preference Waiver Payment Scheme, which means you agree to work in any Scottish local authority for your induction post. In return, you will receive £8,000 if you are a secondary teacher, or £6,000 if you are a primary teacher. This payment will only be made if you complete your Teacher Induction Scheme year in the local authority to which you are allocated. 

Note, graduates of this degree will undertake their probationary year in a Secondary school, though are eligible to teach in a Primary school thereafter. 


Our school and programme recognise the importance of support for our students during their studies. In addition to a broad range of support mechanisms from university, college, and school, we also draw on peer support across many programmes. EdBudds, which is short for Educational Buddies, is a bespoke system of peer support that also draws on our student Alumni, who remain in touch and offer advice and help with a range of events and activities for the current cohort of students.

MA PE Professional Learning Week

The programme of events, organised by the programme Professional Learning Coordinator, introduces our students to professional learning at the start of their teaching journey; the professional teacher needs to be continually engaging in additional learning to promote their practical and professional knowledge.

Sessions in 2021 included teacher wellbeing, concussion awareness, ‘How to deliver tennis – Judy Murray style!’ and ‘Introduction to British Sign Language in a Physical Education Context’ taught by one of our Year 4 students. Events on supporting additional needs and disabilities are particularly popular and benefit from partnerships with Scottish Disability Sport, CALL Scotland, and British Sign Language, which allows the programme to offer bespoke, compulsory Disability Inclusion Training (DIT) Certificated Programmes for Years 1 and 4 as an extension to the PLW.

Careers Service

The University of Edinburgh's Careers Service supports all current students (and graduates for up to 2 years) to develop their potential and achieve satisfying and rewarding futures.  This is done through individual appointments, group sessions and wider campus-based activity, alongside online services and resources.  A diverse programme of face-to-face and online events is delivered throughout the academic year.  

Suzanne Agnew

Careers Consultant, Moray House

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