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Applications for this programme are made through UCAS with a typical deadline of 15 January which has been extended this year to 29 January 2021.

Physical Education: MA Hons

Apply now on UCAS: Physical Education (MA Hons) - XC61



Example of dance performance

As part of the interview and selection process for the programme, you will be asked to perform a set dance. An outline of this dance will be sent to you in a written document along with guidance about the other practical elements of the interview.

To give you a good idea of the detail, pattern, and performance requirements of the dance, we have produced the following videos.

Demonstrated by our first-year students, these show a complete demonstration of the interview dance and a slow-motion version.

And below is the demonstration in slow motion.

Initial Teacher Education programmes

The following programmes must be acceptable to the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), who are required to accredit our programmes. The GTCS accreditation dates were as follows:

  • PGDE Primary: 23 April 2013
  • PGDE Secondary: 23 April 2013
  • MA Physical Education: 28 August 2013
  • MA Primary Education with Gaelic (Fluent Speakers): 28 August 2013
  • MA Primary Education with Gaelic (Learners): 28 August 2013

Admission to these programmes is subject to GTCS guidelines, regarding child protection and police checks. Guidance from the GTCS requires the University to carry out these checks prior to students being enrolled on the programme. The College Admissions office will send you details of the procedures and forms for completion when you have received an offer of a place.  

Further information can be found in the 'University Policy Statement on Secure Storage of PVG Data', Appendix 3 called 'Student criminal convictions and disclosure assessment - Code of Practice'.

University Policy Statement on the Secure Storage of PVG Data*  

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