Moray House School of Education and Sport

Programme Structure

The programme will build on your previous work and study experience. You will carry out three years of part-time/evening study with the opportunity to study in a number of key areas.

Three children playing outside

You will study in the following areas relevant to the field:

  • Education Studies (e.g. curriculum development, social justice and equity in education)
  • Children’s Health and Wellbeing (e.g. social determinants of child health, critical perspectives on child development and neuroscience, health and illness, health promotion, play)
  • Childhood and Family Social Policies (e.g. care, nurturing, play development, supporting parents and children, child and family legislation, child protection, child and family rights)
  • Management and Organisational Behaviour (e.g. professions and professionalism, organisational structures and cultures, managing change and conflict within organisations)
  • Childhood Studies (e.g. child psychology, disability studies, race and ethnicity studies, gender studies and the sociology of childhood). 

On the course, we discuss questions such as: How do you translate early learning and childcare policies into meaningful practice? Should children have the same rights as adults? How do we talk to young children about questions of social justice? How do you protect children in your workplace? How effective are services for children and their families? Are children's rights just a Western luxury?

Course Description 2022-23

I feel that I have been brought into a partnership with teaching staff in order to create relevant and current content for the BA Childhood Practice. Specific and useful feedback on my essays has enabled me to get straight As this semester. Staff on the programme practice what they preach regarding reflective practice. I have seen midterm feedback that I have given being addressed before the end of that term. I see lessons being learnt year on year and changes being made to the course so as to deliver the most beneficial and life-changing programme possible.

Iain Cameron, graduate 2017