Moray House School of Education

Undergraduate degree programmes

Access to our undergraduate degree programmes details.

Applied Sports Science (BSc Hons)

Designed to develop the knowledge of the place, value and purpose of sport and exercise within society.

Childhood Practice (BA)

A high-quality part-time degree programme aimed at those wishing to mix study with work.

Physical Education (MA Hons)

Moray House School of Education offers a programme in Physical Education.

Primary Education with Gaelic (MA Hons)

Moray House School of Education offers two degrees in Primary Education with Gaelic, which will qualify students to work in the Gaelic-medium or English-medium sector.

Primary Education (MA Hons)

We no longer offer 4 of our Primary Education 'with' subject degree programmes. However there are still a number of ways to take your Initial Teacher Education at Moray House.

Sport & Recreation Management (BSc Hons)

Sport is a rapidly expanding global business evidenced by the numerous sports events in society and dedicated sports mass media outlets. Our unique degree programme prepares you for careers within the sport and recreation industry and beyond.

Community Education (BA Hons)

This programme is currently under review. We hope to relaunch in the 2021/22 academic year.