TEAMS: Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students: Understanding Levers of Integration in Scotland, Finland and Sweden

TEAMS is an international project conducted by teams of researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Jyväskylä, Stockholm and Turku, led by Dr. Nataša Pantić, at the University of Edinburgh, supported by the NordForsk British-Nordic research programme.

This extensive three-year project addresses the urgent need to understand the challenges and opportunities for schools, as they respond to the increased number of migrants in classrooms.

There are two main aims: To understand how schools and teachers can address barriers and create opportunities for migrant integration in schools, and to help teachers and school leaders meet the needs of migrant students.

The project will use mixed methods, including social network analysis and qualitative fieldwork. The experiences of schools, teachers and students are central to the participatory research design and teachers and students will have an active and collaborative role from the outset, including a filmmaking workshop for migrant students.

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