Details about our Research-led Teacher Education Network.

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Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN)

The Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN) is an interdisciplinary network established in 2013 as a forum for dialogue and collaboration in:

  • Research

    • RTEN Members’ research focuses on a wide range of topics including classroom pedagogies as well as broader issues around teachers’ professionalism and roles within education systems, support for all students’ learning and wellbeing in contexts of diversity, multiculturalism, inclusive learning communities and educational change. Our research in these areas is multidisciplinary, uses a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, informs policy and practice across different contexts. The network creates opportunities for learning across contexts and international collaboration.

Examples of current and recent projects

  • Knowledge Exchange

    • RTEN monthly events present and discusses members’ and other speakers’ work to facilitated use of research to improve teaching and other educational practices of a wide range of academic and non-academic partners from schools and education authorities at different levels both locally and internationally.

Examples of professional development activity

  • Research-led teaching at Edinburgh

    • RTEN research and knowledge exchange activities inform the development of teacher education and other teaching programmes at the University of Edinburgh through members engagements with the Institute for Academic Development  projects.

Examples include PTAS projects and ESCR Seminar series