About us

All about the Teacher Education, Curriculum, and Pedagogy Thematic Hub, and the research students who work with us.

The Teacher Education, Curriculum, and Pedagogy hub focuses on research relevant to the education of teachers working in a wide range of different formal and informal settings, including research on curricula and pedagogies.

The education of teachers forms an important part of the work we do in the Moray House School of Education and Sport. More generally teacher education is a major part of the field of educational research world-wide. Educating teachers and interrogating the process of becoming a teacher raises important intellectual and political questions about orientation, direction, and values. In addition, it raises important empirical questions about the most optimal ways in which teachers can be prepared for their professional careers, and how such careers  can be sustained over time. Questions about curriculum development and enactment and questions about pedagogy are key to the craft of teaching, which makes research on curricula and pedagogies an integral part of teacher education research and scholarship internationally. In the TECP hub we bring together research and scholarship on these topics, with the aim to further develop work in these areas, and do so in fruitful dialogue with our teacher education programmes.

Our annual report for 2021 contains further information on our members, PhD students, research activities and publications.

Research students

See what research students in our Hub are working on, and find information about applying for a PGR programme at Moray House School of Education and Sport.