The Teacher, Curriculum and Pedagogy

The Teacher, Curriculum and Pedagogy Thematic Hub focuses on teachers and teaching and develops innovative work on curriculum and pedagogy.

The focus of research in this thematic hub is on teaching, curriculum and pedagogy which, together, constitute the core of all educational processes, be they in schools, colleges and universities, in the workplace, or in pre-school or out-of-school settings. We do not focus on all aspects of what may happen there, but are particularly exploring the work of teachers, the pedagogies at stake, and the curricula that frame and support this work. All this does not just raise questions about the micro-level of everyday educational practice, but also raises questions about policy, and about the structures and cultures of education. The other main question for work in this hub is around teacher education and teacher professionalism.

Please note: In the development phase of this hub we will start with staff with research in their contract and will, in next steps, branch out to teaching fellows interested in being involved and PGR students. We aim to have a fully functioning hub within 6 months, but want to make sure we have enough time to do everything in a careful manner.

The initial phase of this thematic hub will be led by Professor Gert Biesta and Dr Laura Colucci-Gray, in collaboration with Dr Ramsey Affifi and Dr Hui-Chuan Li.

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