PAHRC's research interests and projects.

Photo of group of older adults taking brisk walk in park

Research frameworks

We know the health risks of inactivity and the rise in inactivity across the population. We know much less about how to successfully change behaviours and create more active lifestyles across all ages.

Our main focus is to develop, test and implement ways to encourage people of all ages to sit less and walk more. We are interested in all segments of the population, but our current priorities reflect the Scottish Government’s target groups of adolescent girls and older adults.

Our research planning follows established frameworks, including:

  • acknowledgement of the social-ecological framework that influences health
  • the MRC guidance on developing and evaluating complex interventions
  • the ‘seven investments that work,’ recommended by the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity

Research themes

Across the settings suggested by the ‘seven investments that work’ statement and the Scottish Government’s current target priorities of older adults and adolescent girls, there are a number of key themes that we are currently involved with:

  • evaluation of physical activity/sedentary behaviour interventions
  • reducing sedentary time
  • physical activity in children and adolescent girls
  • physical activity for people with medical conditions
  • physical activity messaging and communication
  • the promotion of walking
  • the role of the environment in physical activity promotion

Research projects

More information about PAHRC's research projects and publications can be found on the University's research portal.

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