An outline of the Group's research themes and examples of projects.

Photo of motorsports driver at workshop
Motor sport is one example of how our interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange can be used to develop young performers

Research themes

Our inter-disciplinary approaches are reflected in the wide range of populations that we engage with for research and knowledge exchange projects.

  • Aquatics research to improve performance and rehabilitation
  • Developing cognitive expertise - optimising training and performance
  • Performance and development in motor sport
  • Dance and performance

Research projects and recent funding

Here are examples of research projects we are involved in as principal investigators or collaborators.

  • The WATER project: Which AquaTic ExeRcises work best? Identifying muscle recruitment for aquatic exercises used in interventions for core strengthening and rehabilitation from musculoskeletal disorders (Chief Scientist’s Office)
  • The Choreo-haptic experiments (AHRC) - how blind dance audience members can use their hands to experience the dynamic qualities of live dance performances through their sense of touch
  • Accelerating professional judgement and decision making expertise in crime scene examination (Scottish Institute of Policing Research Grant in partnership with Scottish Police Authority Forensic Services)

For more detailed information about our research projects, please go to our Members page where there is access to members profiles detailing research.