Details of team members.

Team members

The Human Performance Science research group is led by Dr Howie Carson, Lecturer in Motor Learning and Control.

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of sport, exercise and dance scientists with specialists in disciplines such as physiology, psychology, biomechanics, motor control, coaching and education. Furthermore, our research contexts range from performance sport to the arts and professional practice.

In addition to Moray House School of Education and Sport staff and postgraduate student team members, listed below, we have a number of associate members from across the University.

Links on staff and students names lead to their profile pages which include publications details.

Team Members
Dr Stephanie Adams
Dr Ray Bobrownicki
Dr Neil Buchanan
Dr Howie Carson
Professor Dave Collins
Dr Jon Kelly
Dr Urvi Khasnis
Dr Georgios Machtsiras
Dr Alan MacPherson
Dr Amanda Martindale
Dr Christine Nash
Alex Owens
Dr Debbie Palmer
Dr Shaun Phillips
Dr Stelios Psycharakis
Hugh Richards
Heather Rikic
Sian Salmon
Dr Dave Saunders
Dr Len Parker Simpson
Professor John Sproule
Dr Wendy Timmons
Dr Tony Turner
Dr Martine Verheul
Dr Matthew Weston


Student Members
Norah Nasser Alali
Helen Alfano
Daniel Astridge
Liron Blajwajs
Graham Condie
Daniel Cox
Fiona Cox
Paul Downes
Christopher Duncan
Callum Ferguson
Ashley Ferkol

Andy Grech

Jennifer Harris
Matthew Hillyer
Shiyang Li
Hamish Johnson
Bernadette Kellermann
Nicholas Lam
Heini Lopponen
Anne MacDonald
Alice Mees
Amy Price
Craig Riddle
Sian Salmon
Erin Sanchez
Guy Stern
John Widdowson
Yang Zhao
Christian Ytterbol


We welcome interested academics, practitioners, students and others outwith the University of Edinburgh to join as external members.