Edinburgh and Toronto Lectures

The partnership between the Universities of Edinburgh and Toronto supports a public lecture series. You can watch these talks on some of the current issues in sport physical activity, exercise science and physical education.

You can view our past lectures below.

Sports, arts, humanities and social sciences

An Anthropological Insight into Ethiopian Running

Digital transformation for data and insight: A case study of the Football Foundation

Football and social responsibility

Is boxing like hunting? Care and ethics for boxers in Accra, Ghana

Social network analysis and football research

Sport: More than just a game

The politics of sports protests in Trump America

Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals

Sport for Change: Research from the Robertson Trust

Sustainable development goals in sport

Sport for health

Mobilising change: The importance of accessibility in sport and the significance of physical activity across the lifespan

Optimising nutrition through exercise

Sit less and walk more

Sport and alcohol: Tensions, contradictions and solutions

Translating active living into policy and practice

Training for excellence: The application for perceptual-motor learning strategies

Sport for peace and international development

Innovation and impact within Sport for Development

Towards a Welsh sports diplomacy strategy: International perspectives

Sport for peace interventions in the Middle East

UK sports diplomacy post-Covid

Sport, inequality and social justice

Football, diversity and inclusion

Fresh winds of equity in sport

Homeless World Cup: Co-founder and president Mel Young on football tackling homelessness

Homelessness and the Homeless World Cup

Mega sporting events, private security and human rights: The 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games

Safeguarding children, sport and human rights

Sports events, legacy and rights

Sports governance and performance

The business of football

The economic value of sport

The future of football

The future of sport and leisure services in Scotland