Race and Inclusivity in Global Education Network (RIGEN)

RIGEN brings together members with an interest in race, cultural inclusivity, internationalisation and decoloniality in education. Our research spans national and international as well as formal and informal educational contexts, from the early years to higher education.  

We recognise that ‘race’ is a historically and socially constructed category with real-life implications for how groups and individuals become racialised and how these impact on their lived experiences.

Our approach to inclusivity emphasises the need for inclusive processes, policies, practices and systems as well as disrupting and challenging institutional and organisational injustices rather than focusing only on individual experiences.

Our members draw on conceptual frameworks located in critical theories and social justice, such as critical race theory, intersectionality, anti-racism, decolonial thought, feminist and queer theory, rights and participation.


RIGEN - Race and Inclusivity in Global Education Network

RIGEN aims to contribute to the development and implementation of practices, policies and processes which promote race equality and inclusivity in education, within and beyond the University.


We work towards our vision by addressing the following objectives, which focus on work within and beyond the University:

  • using research evidence and lived experiences to inform knowledge exchange activities for promoting race equality* and inclusivity in education across the lifecourse
  • progressing and embedding race equality and inclusivity in relational and systemic aspects of educational policy and practice
  • supporting the coherence and practical implementation of race and inclusivity related policies and theories across the University
  • engaging with educational practitioners, policymakers, children, families and wider communities to work collaboratively towards these objectives

*We recognise debates around terminology of equality and equity. In line with institutional and national policies, we use the terminology of race equality to capture our commitment to racial justice.

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The RIGEN blogs are intended to raise issues relating to promoting race equality, inclusivity, and anti-racism within education in general. Blogs may present issues arising from research or may be a commentary that an individual with a commitment to race, anti-racism and inclusivity in education wishes to offer. Contributions can discuss examples of improving practice or raise discussions about conundrums or discomforts.

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