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In isolation instead of in school (INISS): Young people’s experiences of COVID-19 and effects on mental health and education

It is well known that schools provide structure and safety particularly to vulnerable children and young people. Current school closures impact all young people but are likely to place vulnerable young people at further risk of mental ill-health. This research will provide vital national data directly from pupils, to assess impacts on mental health and education. It will contextualise pupils’ experience within data on COVID-19 prevalence, health patterns and trends and against educational achievement outcomes data, to inform interventions and policy making.

This study investigates:

  1. How isolation, school closure and exam cancellation caused by Covid-19 affect the mental health of the generality of young people in Scotland
  1. Whether and to what extent there are additional impacts on the mental health of groups of young people typically identified as vulnerable
  1. What young people, as pupils, think would help address their concerns about mental health in the context of the pandemic.

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Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government | Grant number: COV/EDI/20/16

Start date 1st May 2020
End date 30th October 2020

Research team

In isolation instead of in school (INISS) Survey

In isolation instead of in school (INISS) is a study asking young people from every Scottish community to share their experiences of Covid 19 and the effects of school closures and national exam cancellations on mental health and wellbeing.  The survey is now closed. Thank you for all those who have taken part.

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