Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Achievement and opportunities for deaf students in the United Kingdom

This study aims to examine outcomes for a group of deaf and partially deaf children and young adults in Scotland.

Some of the factors which may contribute to differing outcomes for young deaf people include: literacy levels; level of hearing loss; hearing aids/cochlear implantation; type of communication used in the school including whether any sign language was used in teaching; amount of specialist support provided at school.

The further data the project plans to gather from the young deaf people include: age at leaving school and exam results; type of further training or education undertaken; type of employment obtained; satisfaction with schooling/further training/education and opportunities.

There is a project Reference Group that includes representatives of the Scottish Deaf Association, British Association for Teachers of the Deaf, ScotXEd, the Scottish Council on Deafness, the National Deaf Children’s Society, the Scottish Deaf Youth Association, the Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters, NHS Audiology, School Heads of Service, the Scottish Sensory Centre, and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (United States).

In particular, the study is interested in exam results and further education, training and employment undertaken by young deaf people. If young deaf people are still experiencing barriers then this suggests that different patterns of educational support may be appropriate. Because detailed information on educational methods and level of specialist support was previously gathered as part of the Achievement of Deaf Pupils in Scotland (ADPS) Study, the follow-up project aims to examine patterns across time and identify factors that contribute to the best outcomes for these young deaf people.


Start date 1st January 2010
End date 30th June 2013

Project team

Steering group (including SDYA members)

Mandy Reid, Dr Cristina Iannelli, Professor Sheila Riddell, Gerry Donnelly and Janis Sugden.