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Learn about the CEID Research Group and the rest of the CEID Community.

The Comparative Education and International Development (CEID) Research Group is one part of a vibrant and active CEID Community based at the Moray House School of Education and Sport and with participation from faculty and students from across the University of Edinburgh. You can connect with the CEID Community on Twitter at @MorayHouseCEID or use hashtag #CEIDResearchGroup

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The three parts of the CEID Community ensure that all interested are able to find a home and positively contribute to activities and events. The three parts complement each other and are described below.

CEID Research Group

The CEID Research Group was officially launched in October 2020. It is a new and evolving group consisting of faculty and PhD students across the University of Edinburgh and based at the Moray House School of Education and Sport. It is currently directed by a steering committee.

Steering Committee

Dr Fatih Aktas, Sarah Austin (PhD student), Dr Carole Faucher, Professor Lani Florian, Dr Debi Fry, Dr Lindsey K Horner, Dr Jack Lee, Dr Andie Reynolds, Dr Shari Sabeti, Dr William C Smith, Josh Watters (PhD Student)

While our research focus is dynamic and evolving, initial areas of focus include:

Governance, Rights. Agency, Mobility, Wellbeing

MSc CEID Programme

The MSc CEID programme uses research informed teaching to provide students with the opportunity to critically reflect and engage with some of the largest challenges in education and international development.

CEID Student Society

The CEID Student Society was established in December 2019 and is one of the few student societies driven by post-graduate students. Open to all students and staff, the Society hosts a range of social, academic, and networking events. This year the Society has three main goals.

CEID Student Society's Goals

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  1. EXPAND the network: Raise awareness of issues around CEID among the students by promoting EDTalks delivered by professionals in our field. By organizing different outdoor and remote social activities, create a sense of community among students who are interested in CEID.
  2. SUPPORT members: Help members grow their professional/academic careers by building a greater bridge between masters, PhD students and University of Edinburgh staff, supporting research projects and sharing career opportunities across the community.
  3. COOPERATE with different NGOs and societies: Set up relationships between NGOs and other societies involved in education and development by organizing different opportunities for people to hear about and be involved with their work.

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