Pedagogy, Learning and Curriculum

Researching the theory and practice of teaching and learning in contexts including teacher education, philosophy of education, citizenship and values education, outdoor education, museum education, physical education, literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing.

Summary of this research cluster

The Pedagogy, Learning and Curriculum cluster aims to bring together research which is predominantly concerned with the theory and practice of teaching and learning. Current members of the cluster situate their work within a variety of contexts including: teacher education, philosophy of education, citizenship and values education, outdoor education, museum education, physical education, literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing.

Research centres/groups/networks in this cluster:

Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN)

The Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN) is a recently-formed, school-wide network to consider research informed teacher education. The Network serves as a forum for dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaboration on TE-relevant research and development, drawing upon the wide range of research activity in the School.

RTEN meets once a month during term time, and during each meeting members (and externals) have the opportunity to present to the Network, followed by a period of lively discussion and debate.

More about our Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN)

Developmental Psychology in Education (DPiE)

DPiE is a group of staff and students pursuing research into cognitive, social and emotional development in children and adolescents across a range of learning, social and cultural contexts.

In particular, DPiE is concerned with the interplay between developmental psychology and education, and seeks to produce research findings of relevance to those working in educational and clinical settings, from home-based intervention, to mainstream and specialist education, and post-school provision.

More about our Developmental Psychology in Education research group (DPiE)


Knowledge Exchange and CPD:

Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration (SCSSA)

SCSSA has been offering high quality leadership development programmes to education professionals throughout Scotland for over 30 years.

We are now offering tailored CPD to help schools and authorities access the best in CPD for education professionals that meets their needs and their budget. Find out more about our tailored learning programmes, specialised training, coaching and lesson observation.

More about our Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration (SCSSA)



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