Language, Culture and Communication

Examining the linguistic and cultural dimensions of educational and professional engagement, with a focus on language learning and teaching, and language in global contexts, higher education, culture and semiotics.​

Summary of this research cluster

Research in this cluster focuses on linguistic and cultural dimensions of educational and professional engagement. Drawing on a range of research methods including corpus analysis, discourse analysis, multimodal analysis and (linguistic) ethnography, it aims to contribute to understanding in the following areas:

  • Language learning (second language acquisition, language cognition, motivation)
  • Language teaching and teacher education (critical pedagogy, second language reading, grammar teaching, teaching languages for specific purposes)
  • Language in a global context (global Englishes, bilingual and multilingual development and pedagogies, language policy)
  • Language in higher education (internationalisation, interdisciplinary interaction, academic literacies)
  • Language and culture (cultural studies, interculturality and society, intercultural communication pedagogy)
  • Language and semiotics (non-verbal communication, visual communication, media representation)

In addition to collaborating with researchers from other disciplines investigating aspects of educational and professional contexts, it aims to share its research and findings with educational and professional bodies and institutions, and their members.

Research centres/groups/networks in this cluster:

Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language Research Group (ETAL)

ETAL members conduct research in the following areas:

  • Language, Society and Education
  • Second Language Learning
  • Teacher Education
  • Discourse, Identity and Language Teaching
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education

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