Digital Education

The Digital Education Thematic Hub considers the intersection of education with technology, and the impact of digital change on culture, policy and practice.

We are organised around four core areas:

  • Digital Cultures: how digital cultures inform and shape education with a particular focus on universities, schools, museums, social media spaces, workplaces and low-resource communities
  • Data Society: how the collection and processing of digital data changes education, developing a critical research agenda around analytics, ‘big data’, algorithms, machine learning and other data-intensive practices
  • Children and Technology: understanding how children interact with technology to understand its influence, support children and design new technologies
  • Data Education in Schools: supporting young people across the city region to develop the confidence, competence and ambition to use data to benefit themselves and their communities

Our Thematic Hub takes a critical, multidisciplinary approach and connects its research with world-leading practice in teaching. It also works with many other Schools and Centres across the University, and with partner universities internationally, schools, government, third-sector, public and private sector organisations.

Leadership team

Director: Professor Sian Bayne

Co-Director (Digital Cultures): Dr Jen Ross

Co-Director (Data Society): Dr Jeremy Knox

Co-Director (Children and Technology): Dr Andrew Manches

Co-Director (Data Education in Schools): Professor Judy Robertson

Centres, groups and networks