About us

Learn about our purpose, vision, objectives and our larger community of stakeholders as we contribute to the broader field of violence prevention so children everywhere are safe.

We are research practitioners with one foot in academics and one foot in the field.  Aligned with the End Violence Partnership and other global stakeholders in the violence prevention ecosystem, we sit in a unique ‘mid-stream’ position.  We use data, evidence and learning to influence political will and policy making upstream, while providing the needed tools and resources to implement violence prevention downstream.

Servicing the End Violence Partnership and the larger violence prevention community the End Violence Lab works with national and local leaders to develop people-centred, solutions-oriented processes for change in the field of violence prevention.  

Working across disciplines emphasizing peer-to-peer learning, leaders are able to better make informed and  transformative impact locally and globally, so that children are safe at home, at school, in their communities and online.

Our Purpose

To champion and advance ways of working where data, evidence and learning in service to the field of violence prevention.

Our Vision

To co-create evidence-based violence prevention policy and practice so that every child grows up safe and secure.

Our Objective

To build the data and evidence infrastructure needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), working through the INSPIRE Seven Strategies and with children everywhere.

Children, the SDGs and INSPIRE

Our stakeholders

The End Violence Lab is part of a powerful network of partners committed to ending violence against children.

At the national level, we directly support the national level work of the End Violence Partnership and its Pathfinding Countries and Cities. 

At the global level, we work with the world's most preeminent violence prevention organisations. Our colleagues at the World Health Organisation (WHO) lead the INSPIRE Working Group and provide evidence and policy power globally. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) implement the world's best violence prevalence data surveys which we help translate to robust policy and practice. Together for Girls extends our ability to build evidence-based advocacy for accelerated action. These are just some of our global partners, we also work with regional and national partners. 

A global initiative to end violence against children [video]


Each year, one billion children experience violence at home, at school, online or in their communities, says child safety advocate Howard Taylor. The problem is social, economic, political - and urgent. In an eye-opening talk, Taylor shows why we have an unprecedented opportunity right now to end violence against children and create a better future for every child.

TED Talk by Howard Taylor (Executive Director, End Violence Partnership)

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Our people

Meet the team leading the End Violence Lab and contact us for more information.

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