Teaching, CPD and PhDs

We are involved with teaching at all levels, with a focus on early childhood, children’s human rights, play, child-centred and post-human pedagogical approaches, Froebelian philosophy and practice and social justice.


The specific programmes we are connected to are:

Childhood Practice (BA)

MSc Education (Early Childhood Practice and Froebel)

Froebel and Childhood Practice Course

Current PhD students

Sara Abahussain – Thesis Title: The Drive Towards Neoliberalism: A Critical Exploration of Saudi Arabia’s Early Childhood Education. (Supervised by Lynn McNair and Kristina Konstantoni).

Luke Addison – Thesis Title: Bringing children’s voices to the fore of education for sustainability in the early years. (Supervised by Laura Colucci-Gray, Pete Higgins and Lynn McNair).

Serif Ali Cakiray – Thesis Title: Refugee children with disabilities' experiences of barriers and facilitators in Scottish Primary Schools: An intersectional perspective. (Supervised by Kristina Konstantoni and Maggie Morrison)

Anastasia Kalokyri – Thesis Title: ADHD’ students, complex social identities and school experiences in Scottish context: Moving beyond deficit labels (Supervised by John Ravenscroft and Kristina Konstantoni)

Fatma Büşra Aksoy Kumru  Thesis Title: Active citizenship in early years: listening to children on decision-making (ongoing). (Supervised by Lynn McNair and Marlies Kustatscher).

Liz Latto – Thesis Title: The Politics of Professionalisation: the changing role of practitioners within Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland (Supervised by Kristina Konstantoni and Marlies Kustatscher)

Lisa MacDonald – Thesis Title: An t-Ionnsachadh Òg: positive pedagogies for Gaelic 0-3 groups. (Supervised by Fiona O’Hanlon, Lynn McNair and Wilson McLeod).

Jane Malcolm – Thesis Title: Love, passion and professionalism: The Early Years Professional (Supervised by Kristina Konstantoni and Marlies Kustatscher)

Gizem Silistire – Thesis Title: The construction of Early Childhoods in times of crisis (Supervised by Kristina Konstantoni and Marlies Kustatscher)

Carol Smith – Thesis Title: Supporting transitions from pre-school into primary 1: issues around play-based and active learning in the transition process (Supervised by Kristina Konstantoni and Charles Anderson)

Katherine Westwood – Thesis Title: Participation in inclusive extracurricular activities constructed by the perspectives of children with disabilities (Supervised by John Ravenscroft and Kristina Konstantoni)

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