Teaching and supervision

Our teaching and supervision extend across a wide range of child and adolescent psychology areas and with our students we explore educational issues from a psychological perspective.

Father (30s) playing with daughter (2 years) who has down syndrome. Using digital tablet.


We teach across a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, providing theoretical and practical insights into different aspects of child and adolescent development, optimal approaches to enhance teaching and learning, and ways to support students’ mental health and wellbeing. 

At undergraduate level, we provide courses within the following programmes:

At postgraduate level, we offer a popular Masters degree specific to our subject area:

In addition to providing courses or input into other postgraduate programmes:


Finally, drawing upon our subject specific knowledge and areas of methodological expertise we supervise PhD students across a number of different topics, including a number of interdisciplinary projects.  See ‘About Us’ for details of our current PhD students and their topics.

Previous DPiE PhD students

Graduated 2020:

Ghaleyah Alajimi

Maggi Laurie

Graduated 2019:

Juliet Scott-Barrett

Xiaoyi Hu

Thalia Theodoraki