About us

Vision and members of our Childhood and Youth Studies research group.


To make a transformative contribution to realising children and young people’s human rights by undertaking and promoting inter-disciplinary research, teaching, policy and practice.

As a group we …

  • Work collaboratively and encourage dialogue, within and across disciplines and sectors, in research-related activities involving children and young people.
  • Work with a social justice agenda to recognise children and young people’s rights, across local and international contexts, to value diversity and to challenge inequality.
  • Intentionally amplify and extend existing opportunities and synergies across research, policy and practice contexts to progress children and young people’s meaningful participation and human rights.

Associated networks, groups and centres

Childhood and Youth Studies Research Group is a constellation of research specialities, including the associated networks, groups and centres:

Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland (CERES)

Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & Diversity (CREID)

Early Years Research, Policy and Practice Group

End Violence Lab

Observatory of Children’s Human Rights Scotland

Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC)

People at CYSRG

Position Name
Professor of Childhood Policy Professor Kay Tisdall
PhD student     Sara Abahussaint
Tutor BA in Childhood Practice and Manager, Riverside Cottage Nursery, Bathgate Luke Addison
 PhD Student Thalia Thereza Assan
Director of Undergraduate Studies / Lecturer in Sport Policy and Management, ISPEHS Dr Davies Banda
PhD Student Bekkah Bernheim
Innovation and Uptake Director, End Violence Lab Jake Broadhurst
PhD Student Fatma Busra Aksoy Kumru
PhD Student Patrick Brobbey
Senior Lecturer in Science Education Dr Laura Colucci-Gray
Honorary Fellow Dr Patricio Cuevas-Parra
PhD Student Beth Davies
Postdoctoral Research Associate, STEP: Connecting mobile cultures and education  Dr Pauline Duncan
Teaching Fellow in Comparative Education and International Development Dr Carole Faucher
Co-Depute Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange / Senior Lecturer in Child Protection Dr Deborah Fry
Senior Lecturer in Youth Studies and Head of Institute for Education, Community and Society (IECS) Dr Ian Fyfe
Director of Professional Learning / Teaching Fellow Dr Juliet Hancock
PhD Student Chad Lance Hemady
PhD Graduate (Clinical Psychology) Dr Somia Imran

PhD Student

Alexandra Jundler

PhD Student

Andrea Khalfaoui

Lecturer in Childhood Studies, Co-director of Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland Dr Kristina Konstantoni
PhD Student Brendan Kwiatkowski
Lecturer in Childhood Studies, Co-director of the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland Dr Marlies Kustatscher
PhD Student Minkyung Kwon
PhD Student Yukti Lamba
PhD Student Liz Latto
PhD Student Jane Malcolm
Chancellor's Fellow Jennifer Lavoie
Deputy Director of CREID, REF 2021 Co-ordinator Professor Gillean McCluskey
Senior Research Fellow Dr Christina McMellon
Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Lynn McNair OBE
Teaching Fellow in Childhood Studies Dr Maggie Morrison
PhD Student Lakshmi Neelakantan
PhD Student Takuya Numajiri
PhD Student Karina Padilla
Chair in Education and Technology Professor Lydia Plowman
Senior Research Fellow in Childhood and Youth Studies Dr Mary Ann Powell
Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment, Head of the Scottish Sensory Centre Professor John Ravenscroft
PhD Student Natalia Salamanca-Sarmiento
PhD Student Sabina Savadova
PhD Student Gizem Silistire
Research Fellow Kay Steven
Teaching Fellow in Childhood Practice and Studies Dr Laura Wright