Our members

The Hub is led by Professor Cristina Iannelli and Dr Adriana Duta. The other members of the leadership team are: Dr William Smith, Dr Marc Sarazin, Barbara Dzieciatko- Szendrei (PhD student co-ordinator) and Ana Hibert Santana (Hub Research Associate).

Moray House School of Education and Sport Members

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Dr Serdar Abaci Lecturer in Data and Digital Literacies
Dr Fatih Aktas Teaching Fellow MSc Education
Dr Josie Booth Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Dr Seongsook Choi Head of Institute for Education, Community & Society (IECS) / Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Linda Croxford Honorary Fellow
Dr Adriana Duta Lecturer in Quantitative Methods
Dr Sarah Foley Lecturer in Development Psychology
Professor Deborah Fry Director of Data, Childlight - Global Child Safety Institute / Personal Chair, International Child Protection Research
Dr Cathy Howieson Honorary Fellow
Professor Cristina Iannelli Personal Chair of Education and Social Stratification / Leader of the Advanced Quantitative Research in Education Hub
Dr Nataša Pantić Senior Lecturer
Professor John Ravenscroft Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment
Professor Judy Robertson Chair in Digital Learning
Dr Marc Sarazin Post-Doctoral Fellow in Education
Dr William C Smith Senior Lecturer in Education and International Development
Dr Tracy Stewart Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Our PhD students

Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title
Xiuxiu [Daisy] Bao (PhD student) An Investigation into the Factors of Mentoring Undergraduates in Research Projects: A Faculty Motivation Perspective
Peter Barlow (PhD student) Disentangling the importance of individual, family and neighbourhood factors on educational outcomes using sibling data
Lucy Blackburn (PhD student) Factors affecting the distribution of student borrowing in Scotland: From universal entitlements to unequal outcomes
Sepideh Daghbandan (PhD student) A Study of English Vague Language Use and its Perceived Social Function by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English in UK University Classrooms
Barbara Dzieciatko- Szendrei (PhD student) Making Sense of Teachers' Communities of Practice with Social and Epistemic Network Analysis
Vanessa Fernandez Vidueira (PhD student) Chronotypes in Adolescence: The impact of chronotypes on performance in adolescents
Ana Hibert Santana (PhD student) Automated Writing Evaluation as a tool to help ESL students improve their academic writing
Jingting Hu (PhD student) Examining staff perceptions of conducting research and teaching in Chinese Sino-foreign universities
Yan Liang (PhD student) Gender Inequality in Higher Education in China: A Comparative Analysis between Eastern and Western China
Alexia Revueltas Roux (PhD student) Capturing engagement in Early Science Learning: Triangulating Observational, Psychophysiological and Self-Report Measures
Stephen Sowa (Tutor & PhD student) Understanding the complexities of supporting children’s career pursuits and preparedness for changing job markets
Shrikant Wad (PhD student) Social disparities amongst undergraduate disciplines: a realist inquiry into choice and affirmative action in India
Jiayang Wang (PhD student) Intergenerational income mobility and its implication to education policy: the case of China
Xiaowen (Serina) Xie (PhD Candidate) Global Englishes Language Teaching’s Influence on Teacher Identity and Learner Identity in Macau's Tertiary Education
Yanru Xin (PhD student) The Effect of Content and Language Integrated Learning Courses on English Undergraduates' Intercultural Communicative Competence
Yuepeijing Zhuo Switching to Fitness Apps Gets Students Moving: A Study into the Effect of Fitness Application Intervention in Improving Physical Activity and Health-related Quality of Life among University Students in Scotland

Hub affiliated members

Dr Roxanne Connelly -Senior Lecturer of Sociology and Quantitative Methods (School of Social and Political Science - Sociology)

Dr Helen Corby - Research Fellow at the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre, University of Edinburgh

Professor Vernon Gayle - Chair of Sociology and Social Statistics (School of Social and Political Science - Sociology)

Professor Colm Harmon - Professor of Applied Economics (School of Economics)

Dr Helen Packwood - Lecturer in Social Research Methods (School of Social and Political Science – Social Policy)

Professor Lindsay Paterson - Professor of Education Policy (School of Social and Political Science – Social Policy)

Dr Frank Popham - Research Associate in SCADR, University of Glasgow

Dr Kevin Ralston - Lecturer in Sociology and Quantitative Methods (School of Social and Political Science - Sociology)

Dr Sarah Stopforth - Research Fellow at University of Sussex