About us

The Advanced Quantitative Research in Education Thematic Hub focuses on education issues in policy-relevant topics such as inequalities and global education and uses comparative, longitudinal and large-scale data.

Our Research Hub is a space where academics with quantitative methods expertise and an interest in education issues come together to discuss their research, across Moray House School of Education and Sport and the wider University, find support in addressing data, methodological and conceptual challenges and develop collaborative and inter-disciplinary work on topics relevant to policy and practice. The Hub is open to researchers using mixed methods and from different substantive research areas. 

Research interests

The research interests of our Hub members span many areas, including social inequalities in education and the labour market, social mobility, school-to-work transitions, comparative education and international development, teacher education, higher education, research on children and youth. 

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Methodological expertise

Our methodological expertise includes: the analysis of data from complex survey designs and linked administrative sources, longitudinal data analysis, multilevel modelling, quasi-experimental approaches such as inverse probability weighting, propensity score matching, regression discontinuity, latent variable modelling techniques, log-linear modelling.  

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