An outline of Physical Education Research Forum’s themes and projects.

Research themes

Our research focus at present is based around three main themes.

Our 3 main research themes are:

  • Aims and values
  • Policy and curriculum
  • Pedagogy and professional development

These themes are directly aligned with our research vision, and thus demonstrate the ways in which we lead in the development of high quality physical education teaching, learning and research so that schools around the world have access to knowledge and skills that will enable them to deliver a form of PE that enhances the learning and lives of their students.

Aims and values

Research in this category is concerned with meta themes and issues concerning curriculum, policy and implications for both practice and the outcomes of educational experiences (eg habits). This category also incorporates work on extra-curricular activities and wider conceptions of physical education, health and well-being.

Policy and curriculum

Research within this field includes studies that have investigated: the construction of the Health and Wellbeing Curriculum; policy interpretation; health, healthism discourse and the curriculum; teachers’ perceptions of curriculum change and the impact on their practice.

Pedagogy and professional development

Research within this theme includes: a qualitative investigation of secondary school physical education teachers practice; teacher stress; games teaching and decision-making; confidence and teaching dance; ICT, teaching and teacher dispositions; professional learning partnerships associated with ITE; the curriculum, professional development and complexity thinking. Selected publications that have derived from this research include:

Themes for the future

The above themes will develop as the Physical Education Research Forum increases its capacity, with research already planned for the future in the areas of health and wellbeing, policy and curriculum, professional learning, practitioner-led action research and the development of educational theory.

Research projects

For more detailed information about our research projects, please go to our Members page - through the link below - where there is access to members profiles detailing their previous and current research.