About the PE Research Forum

An introduction to Physical Education Research Forum.

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About our Physical Education Research Forum

The Physical Education Research Forum is a research group within the Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences (ISPEHS) in Moray House School of Education and Sport. The 2014 QS University World Rankings rank the School first for education in Scotland and eighteenth in the world.


We envision a world of high quality physical education teaching, learning and research, where stakeholders around the world have access to knowledge and skills that will enable them to deliver a form of physical education that is engaging, and enhances the learning and lives of their students now and in the future.

We contribute to this vision by:

  1. Developing theories and practices relating to PE.
  2. Informing and contributing to policy development in PE.
  3. Engaging in high quality research that aims to enhance all aspects of PE.
  4. Working collaboratively with esteemed, international academics and key stakeholders.

Aims and objectives

In line with our vision, the aim of the Physical Education Research Forum is to produce high quality, innovative and collaborative research findings that will enrich practice and inform policy, locally, nationally and globally. We will contribute to the conceptualisation, practice, policy and research for all aspects of physical education and ultimately, improve the experiences, learning and lives of young people.

Our key objectives are:

  • To develop research projects aligned with the needs of teachers, key stakeholders, children and young people.
  • To ensure that the research we conduct is meaningful, reciprocal and impacts directly on professional practice, student experiences and government policy.
  • To ensure that each member of the Forum contributes to the next REF (or equivalent)
  • To support early career researchers by offering advice, increasing their professional network and providing opportunities to work collaboratively on other projects.
  • To develop effective research collaborations with researchers from within the University of Edinburgh and with esteemed academics from universities around the world.
  • To develop meaningful and effective partnerships with teachers, schools, authorities, policy makers and other relevant agencies involved in PE and education.
  • To write successful research grant applications and attract MSc, PhD and Post-doctoral studentships.
  • To continue to publish in high quality, internationally renowned journals and books.
  • To engage in dissemination and communication with stakeholders in multiple ways that maximise impact and knowledge exchange.


The Physical Education Research Forum operates on a strong foundation of communication and collaboration. This enables us to enhance our collegiality amongst members within the Forum as well as other academics within the Institute, School, University and beyond.

Together we are leaders in the development of all issues in and around physical education. We have a broad range of interests and expertise and we use this to develop and share ideas, innovations and knowledge. We also work very closely with key stakeholders, including teachers, policy makers, parents and communities.

This ethos ensures that our research is relevant, current and has maximum impact.