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Details of Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Linguistics (ETAL) seminars and conferences.

2019 Seminar Series

Date Venue/Time Speaker(s)/Uni Presentation details / Recordings
27 Feb 2019 MHSE

Dr Samaneh Zandian

MHSE, University of Edinburgh

Children's Perceptions of Cross-cultural Encounters
13 Mar 2019 PL1.26/6pm

Andrew Drybrough

PhD Student here at MHSE, University of Edinburgh

Reflections on a PhD story so far

Writing a PhD has often been compared to writing a story. In this presentation I will talk about the PhD as a story, or rather I will present it in the form of a number of stories which include reflections based on my own experience on ideas such as: ‘serendipitous moments and plot turns’, ‘stories behind stories’, ‘stories within stories’ and the ‘story climax’.

10 Apr 2019 PL1.26/5:30pm

Professor Adrian Blackledge & Professor Angela Creese

University of Stirling

Translanguaging as pedagogy in and beyond the classroom

24 Apr 2019 CH2.03/5:30pm

Dr Katerina Strani

Heriot-Watt University


Discussing Multilingualism and Politics

Multilingualism constitutes an integral part of post-national citizenship, in which political argumentation may defy linguistic barriers. Together with the profusion of new publics, the rise of new media and ‘third spaces’ of communication (Wright, 2014; Bhabha, 1994), multilingual communication has altered the normative make-up of the public sphere both in terms of structure and communicative nature. 

‘Emergent publics’ (Angus, 2001; Koller & Wodak, 2008), ‘counter-publics’ (Fraser, 1993; 1997) and diasporic public spheres are no longer defined solely by their agonistic nature but also by the way this is expressed through their (choice of) language. Multiple languages representing multiple cultures signify multiple competing rationalities in essentially agonistic public spheres. Power differentials in these multilingual - physical and virtual - public spheres are not rooted in status, education, or access, for instance, but instead on the language (chosen) for communication. In cases where a lingua franca is chosen, the power differentials are clearer between native and non-native speakers of the lingua franca. In diasporic public spheres, power differentials may also derive from different stages of integration. And yet at a political level, the interplay between language and citizenship practices needs to be emphatically thematised and investigated. Important work has been done in the fields of translation and politics, the politics of multilingualism, and multilingual publics that needs to be considered before revisiting the nexus between multilingualism and politics (Wodak, Nanz, Doerr, Baker, to name but a few). 

There have also been studies on migrant publics in diasporic public spheres (Volkmer, 2014; Hill, 2016 and many others). We need to recognise and thematise the liminality of such publics, who, partly because of their heterolinguality, shift between counterpublic and ‘mainstream’ publics, or are often part of culturally enriched hybrid publics. It is without doubt that multilingualism affects both the social construction of cosmopolitan civic identities as well as the actual conduct of democratic politics, such as new concepts of citizenship and new forms of deliberation. This seminar will discuss ways of revisiting the relationship between multilingualism and citizenship practices. 

2 Oct 2019 -

Speaker: Licia Masoni

University of Bologna

16 Oct 2019 -

Professor Wei Li

University College London (UCL)

13 Nov 2019 -

Dr Yongcan Liu

University of Cambridge

27 Nov 2019 -

Dr Katerina Strani

Heriot-Watt University



Examples of past conferences and seminar series

EELC Conference 2018 - Edinburgh | Linguistic Ethnography in a Changing World | 20-21 Sept 2018

EELC Conference 2018 will bring together researchers from around the world, to share research around ethnography, language and communication. The conference title is ‘Linguistic Ethnography in a Changing World’ – asking how LE might contribute to public and scholarly debate.

Keynote Speakers: Plenary: Dr Deborah Swinglehurst and Jürgen Jaspers

Workshops: Digital Ethnography Workshop: Professor Rodney Jones, Multimodal Interaction Workshop: Dr Jeff Bezemer

Date: Thursday 20 - Friday 21 September 2018

Venue: Holyrood Campus

SATEAL Conference 2018 | 17 March 2018

The annual conference of the Scottish Association for Teachers of EAL (SATEAL) 

Speakers/Workshops:  Opening remarks from Dr Andy Hancock followed by a series of workshops

Date/Time:  Sat 17 March 2018

Venue: Outreach Centre, Holyrood Road

Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language (ETAL) Seminar Series | Jan - Mar 2018

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