Introduction to ETAL

Introduction to the Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Linguistics (ETAL) Research Group.

Our students taking part in our 3 Minute Thesis event 2014

About the Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Linguistics (ETAL) Research Group

ETAL (the Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Linguistics research group) is a space for interdisciplinary scholarship. It connects researchers across the University of Edinburgh and beyond, working on a wide range of issues related to language, education and global mobility.

Our members are all active researchers and teachers, involved in a wide range of projects in Scotland and internationally. You can learn more about us by following the links to our profiles, below.

We run two major postgraduate programmes, the MSc TESOL and the MSc Language Education, and organise a fortnightly seminar series that is open to all. We also work closely with the student-led Language Education Society, which co-convenes the ETAL seminars and plays a significant role in our conferences and events.


MSc Language Education

ETAL Seminar Series

More about the group

If you would like to learn more about the ETAL research group please contact the ETAL Convenor, Janet de Vigne.

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