Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Project summary

This network investigates the changing nature of special education in six jurisdictions, interrogating the relationship between policy rhetoric, statistical evidence and practice on the ground. This extends and critiques the work of bodies such as the OECD and the EADSNE which publish national statistics provided by member states, but do not necessarily have the resources or mandate to interrogate the statistics and their underpinning discourses. The participating jurisdictions will be treated as critical cases, with a focus on their distinctive characteristics.

Start date 1st March 2012
End date 30th September 2014


Project team

University of Edinburgh, UK

Chapman University, USA

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

University of Groningen, The Netherlands

University of Victoria, Australia


Relevant documents

Research outputs

International Journal of Inclusive Education - "After Exclusion - What?"

Author Paper
Marianne Dovemark & Dennis Beach Academic work on a back-burner: habituating students in the upper-secondary school towards marginality and a life in the precariat
Martin Mills, Sheila Riddell & Eva Hjörne After exclusion what?
Gillean McCluskey, Sheila Riddell & Elisabet Weedon Children's rights, school exclusion and alternative educational provision
Jo-Anne Dillabough, Julie McLeod & Caroline Oliver Distant cities, travelling tales and segmented young lives: making and remaking youth exclusion across time and place
Glenda McGregor, Martin Mills, Katie te Riele, & Debra Hayes Excluded from school: getting a second chance at a ‘meaningful’ education
Richard O'Donovan, Naomi Berman & Ani Wierenga How schools can move beyond exclusion?
Eva Hjörne & Ann-Carita Evaldsson Reconstituting the ADHD girl: accomplishing exclusion and solidifying a biomedical identity in an ADHD class
Caroline Lanskey Up or down and out? A systemic analysis of young people's educational pathways in the youth justice system in England and Wales

Discourse - Special education and globalisation: Continuities and contrasts across the developed and developing world

Author Paper
Sheila Riddell Introduction - Special education and globalisation: Continuities and contrasts across the developed and developing world
Pei Wen Chong Moving forward or standing still? A reflection of ‘special’ educational provision in Malaysia
Scot Danforth Social justice and technocracy: Tracing the narratives of inclusive education in the United States
Linda J. Graham Reconceptualising inclusion as participation: Neoliberal buck-passing or strategic by-passing?
Eva Hjörne The narrative of special education in Sweden: History and trends in policy and practice
Gillean McCluskey, Sheila Riddell, Elisabet Weedon & Mariela Fordyce Exclusion from school and recognition of difference
Sip Jan Pijl Fighting segregation in special needs education in the Netherlands: The effects of different funding models
Sheila Riddell & Elisabet Weedon Additional support needs policy in Scotland: Challenging or reinforcing social inequality?
Sally Tomlinson

Special education and minority ethnic young people in England: Continuing issues

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