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Knowledge exchange on public policy in Scotland: Promoting best practice on equality and human rights in Scotland

Sheila Riddell and Nick Watson have recently completed a Scottish Funding Council funded study on the development of research and knowledge exchange on equality and human rights in Scotland.


Whilst there was broad support for the establishment of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, key questions remained with regard to understanding the key concepts and implementing policy effectively in key Scottish institutions. This knowledge exchange initiative will enable us to conduct the activities identified by stakeholders, drawing on the expertise of our already established network, which includes representatives from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The Scottish Government has signalled strong support for this knowledge exchange project and a desire to provide additional financial resources. The newly-established Equality and Human Rights Commission is also keen to participate, since its central mission is to promote best practice in relation to equality and human rights in Scotland. The academic partnership between Edinburgh and Glasgow in this area is already well established, and in both universities the involvement of social scientists and lawyers will ensure an inter-disciplinary approach.


Project team

Lead academic: Professor Sheila Riddell, Centre for Research in Education, Inclusion and Diversity.

Co-investigators in the University of Edinburgh: Professor Jo Shaw, Co-Director, Europa Institute and Salvesen Chair of European Institutions. Rowena Arshad, Director, Centre for Education in Racial Equality in Scotland.

Co-investigators in the University of Glasgow: Professor Nick Watson, Director, Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research, University of Glasgow. Professor Jim Murdoch, Chair of Human Rights, University of Glasgow.

Policy partners: Sue Warner, Head of Social Justice Analysis, Senior Principal Research Officer, Communities ASD, The Scottish Government. Chris Oswald, Head of Strategy, Equality and Human Rights Commission. Professor Alan Miller, Chair, Scottish Commission for Human Rights.

Start date 1st August 2008
End date 31st July 2009




Professor Sheila Riddell

  • Centre for Research in Education, Inclusion and Diversity
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