Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Reports, articles & other research output

A list of book, papers, reports, blog articles and other research output produced by the project.

Cross-border flows between Wales and England: Domicile, destinations and student characteristics

Cross-border student flows: questions of interdependence and inequality

Devolution and Higher Education: What next?

Education and Social Justice in Scotland

Future of the UK and Scotland - Fact Sheets (PDF)

Feature article - Questions of independence

Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems?

Higher education and the referendum on independence: Does anyone know what will happen?

HE and the Referendum on Scottish Independence, Political Quarterly, 86:2, pp.240-248

Higher education in Europe: Widening participation

The Referendum on Separation for Scotland: the impact on higher education, research and tuition fees

Special issue in Scottish Educational Review (2016) 48:1

State of the Debate: Higher Education

Undergraduate admissions research report

White paper reflections - Higher Education

Whose to lose? Citizens, institutions and the ownership of higher education funding in a devolved UK

Widening access to Higher Education in Scotland: From School to University