Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Relevant news

News relevant but not directly related to the outputs of this project. Items are arranged in chronological order, starting from the latest.

Relevant news

The Guardian - White students get better degrees than minority peers with same entry grades (28.03.2014)

BBC News - State pupils do better at university, study shows (28.03.2014)

The Telegraph - Universities 'given go ahead to favour state school pupils' (28.03.2014)

The Guardian (Datablog) - Race, gender, schooling and university success - six key charts (28.03.2014)

Dailymail - State school students do BETTER at university than private pupils, study shows (28.03.2014)

THE - State pupils on same grades as private counterparts ‘get better degrees’ (28.03.2014)

TES - Bright pupils from lower-performing schools do better at university, study finds (28.03.2014)

The Independent - State-educated students ‘achieve better degree passes at university’ (28.03.2014)

University & College Union (UCU) - Attainment gaps reinforce need for better student support (28.03.2014)

The Scotsman - Rise in Scottish university student numbers (27.03.2014)

The Conversations - Widening access to university entrenches social class attitudes to student debt (27.03.2014)

THE - Oxford drops below Cambridge on state school entrants (27.03.2014)

The Herald Scotland - Independence 'will not affect' university research funding (26.03.2014)

The Herald Scotland - Student recruitment warning (25.03.2014)

The Guardian - Do Scottish universities want a 'Yes' or a 'No' in the referendum on independence? (25.03.2014)

The Scotsman - Scottish independence: Warning over student fees (25.03.2014)

BBC News - Scottish independence: Unions call for clarity over post-Yes tuition fees (25.03.2014)

Wonkhe - RAB and the wizardry of student finance (25.03.2014)

NewStatesman - Miliband's promise of a "radical offer" on tuition fees is a major policy hint (25.03.2014)

The Scotsman - Independence tuition fee policy ‘needs review’ (24.03.2014)

The Guardian - The latest tuition fees blunder shows the need for mass student protest (24.03.2014)

THE - Willetts does not rule out fees rise (24.03.2014)

The Herald Scotland - Student Unions: SNP's plan to charge rUK students tuition fees must be revisited (24.03.2014)

The Guardian - Universities minister refuses to rule out increase in tuition fees (23.03.2014)

The Independent - Student loans cost taxpayers £6.6bn (23.03.2014)

The Telegraph - Fresh warning over student loan repayment 'time bomb' (23.03.2014)

BBC News - Scottish independence: New row over post Yes student fees (21.03.2014)

The Guardian - Student fees policy likely to cost more than the system it replaced (21.03.2014)

The Guardian - Explained: how is it possible to triple tuition fees and raise no extra cash? (21.03.2014)

The Guardian - Unpaid student loans 'a fiscal time bomb for universities' (21.3.2014)

The Guardian - Tuition fees: teetering on the brink (21.03.2014)

The Guardian - Tuition fees: former Tory adviser says government got its maths wrong (21.03.2014)

The Herald Scotland - Universities call for legal certainty on tuition fees in iScotland (13.03.2014)

The Guardian - Rise of white-collar apprentices challenges conventional degree wisdom (3.3.2014)

Guardian - University education: at £9,000 per year, parents begin to question its value (26.02.2014)

Riddell on a panel on Wales HE funding & finance (20.02.2014)

THE - Scottish fees plan ‘not legal’, says Willetts (05.02.2014)

Holyrood Magazine - Poorest could miss out on university places under SIMD (03.02.2014)

Education and culture in Scotland post referendum to be examined by Scottish Parliament committee (30.01.2014)

The Scotsman - Tuition fees post-independence may face EU probe (12.01.2014)

BBC News - Student fees may reach £20,000, argues vice-chancellor (07.11.2013)

BBC Newsnight - Scotland's debate on HE in Scotland (04.11.2013)

The Herald Scotland - University leaders warned of funding gap with European rivals (28.10.2013)

BBC News - Loan offer for Scottish postgraduate living expenses (20.10.2013)

The Herald Scotland - University fails to fill a single extra place for poorer students (18.10.2013)

The Telegraph - Universities 'cutting entry requirements' for poor students (18.10.2013)