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Events for the Dispute resolution and avoidance in education: A study of special and additional support needs in England and Scotland project.

Conference: Dispute Resolution and Avoidance in Education: A Study of Special and Additional Support Needs in England and Scotland

This event will be disseminating the findings of the Economic and Social Research Council funded project (RES-062-23-0803) which examines approaches to dispute resolution and avoidance in additional support needs/special needs in Scotland and England. Speakers will include: Professor Michael Adler – University of Edinburgh Robin McKendrick – Schools Directorate, Scottish Government Professor Dame Hazel Genn – University College London Brian Thompson and Susan Davis – Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council Professor Neville Harris (University of Manchester) and Professor Sheila Riddell (University of Edinburgh) – Principal Investigators for the project

Wednesday 28 October 2009, 10.30am-4.00pm

Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester

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