Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

External seminar and conference presentations

External seminar and conference presentations given by the research team of this project.




Date Event (programme) Paper Presentation Organiser
26 Nov 2020

Inclusion Dialogue Podcast Launch

  Social Justice, Children’s Rights and Inclusive Education – by Professor Sheilia Riddell Trinity College Dublin
10 Nov 2020 UASLP International Symposium 2020   Inclusion, Disproportionality and Rights – by Professor Sheila Riddell

Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí Inicio, Mexico

31 Jan 2020

University of Liverpool Conference on Children and Disability: Local and National Perspectives

  Realising the participation rights of children and young people: A study of special educational needs and disability in England University of Liverpool
27 Feb 2019 Evidence on ASN submitted by Professor Sheila Riddell to the Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee, Additional Support for Learning, 7th Meeting (Session 5) Meeting papers The Scottish Parliament
19 Feb 2019

Seminario Internacional ─ Autonomía Y Derecho A La Participación De Los Niños Y Niñas Con Necesidades De Apoyo Educativo

  Designing and selecting qualitative samples: ‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley’ ─ Robert Burns To a Mouse CREID, University of Burgos
21-23 Nov 2018 The 43rd SERA Annual Conference   The biggest extension of rights in Europe?  Opportunities and challenges in delivering rights to children with ASN (by Duncan Carmichael, Sheila Riddell, James MacAllister, Neville Harris, Gail Davidge and Kevin Wright) SERA
31 Oct 2018 Seminar: ASN Provision in Education: Meeting the Needs of Young People   The biggest extension of rights in Europe? Opportunities and challenges in realising the rights of children with ASN (by Prof Sheila Riddell) Holyrood Magazine
3-7 Sep 2018 The European Conference of Educational Research 2018  

The Rights of Children with Special and Additional Support Needs in England and Scotland: A Cross-Border Comparative Study (by Dr Duncan Carmichael & Prof Sheila Riddell)

4-7 Sep 2018 The Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) 2018 109th Annual Conference: Law in troubled times   The practical realisation of children and young people’s rights: autonomy and special educational needs reform in England (by Prof Neville Harris) The Society of Legal Scholars
24 Apr 2018 Scotland Policy Conferences: Next steps for Additional Support for Learning provision: Access, funding and improving outcomes  

Key issues for Additional Support for Learning (ASL) provision in Scotland (by Prof Sheila Riddell)

Scotland Policy Conferences
16 Apr 2018 AERA 2018 Annual Meeting "The dreams, possibilities and necessity of public education" Paper

Developing a critical sociology of special and inclusive education: The contribution of Sally Tomlinson (by Prof Sheila Riddell)

27 Feb 2018 Induction training of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland  

Children with Additional Support Needs: What can we learn from the statistics? (by Prof Sheila Riddell) 

First-tier ASN Tribunal for Scotland
31 Oct 2017 Holyrood Policy's event - ASN Provision in Education: Priorities, Potential, and the 10-year Strategy   ASN Provision in Education (by Prof Sheila Riddell)  COSLA