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Evidence papers on student loan and debt submitted to Scottish Government's Education & Culture Committee

Following some press coverage on the research of Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Sarah Minty on student finance and the production of a student finance guide by Sarah Minty, Lucy and Sarah have both recently submitted an evidence papers to the Education and Culture Committee of the Scottish Government in response to its inquiry into living cost support for students through bursaries and loans.

Sarah's evidence draws upon the findings of three research projects relating to young people’s attitudes to higher education funding and access as part of the ESRC funded projects ‘HE in Scotland, the Devolution Settlement and the Referendum on Independence’ (Minty, forthcoming 2015; Minty 2015b; Riddell et al. 2013) and ‘Improving young people’s knowledge of student finance in Scotland’ (http://bit.ly/student-finance-guide), and her study exploring students’ perspectives on widening participation for the University of Edinburgh’s Student Recruitment and Admissions Service (Minty, forthcoming).


Their evidence papers can be viewed via the following links:

Evidence paper by Lucy Hunter Blackburn

Evidence paper by Sarah Minty

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