Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

TES on ESRC Fellowship Think Tank 2

Julia Belgutay of the Times Educational Supplement (1st November 2013) wrote a story based on the pre-event briefing paper of and the presentations at our ESRC Fellowship event Think Tank 2 on widening access to HE (8th October 2013). The article noted that free tuition in Scotland had failed to change the student population at Scottish universities significantly whereas student number from deprived backgrounds applying to English universities had increased slightly.

Among others, the article quoted remarks from one of our speakers, Dr. Gill Wyness, a research officer from the LSE, noting that the availability of grants and loans and attainment were significant factors in deciding whether students could go on to HE. The article also featured the presentation of another speaker, Dr. Cristina Iannelli, senior lecturer at Moray House School of Education, by noting her comment on the importance of subject choice. Her recent paper was also highlighted, saying that the curriculum students were following had a greater effect on social mobility than the school they attended.

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