Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

The Scotsman on free tuition & student funding reforms

Quoting Sheila Riddell's ed-op in the Scotsman (30th May, 2013) which showed a decline in the proportion of working class students in Scottish HE despite of free tuition; Lucy Hunter, a freelance analyst and formerly head of HE, science and student support in the Scottish Executive, wrote in the Scotsman (5th June, 2013). She extended her view to grant reforms, saying that it would leave students from lower-income families in Scotland with the highest level of graduate debt.

A similar view was also held by The Scotsman's Chris Marshall in his article (5th June, 2013). It also summarised remarks from Labour education spokesman Hugh Henry, NUS' Robin Parker, a US' spokeswoman, a Scottish Government's spokesman, general secretary of the EIS' Larry Flanagan, and Yes Scotland's chief executive Blair Jenkins. The articles of Lucy Hunter and Chris Marshall can be viewed via the following links: