Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Press coverage on LSE's educational inequality report

The Herald Scotland (4th August, 2013) highlighted some comments on educational inequality in Scotland from an article posted on the blog of British Politics and Policy (BPP) at London School of Economics (LSE). The blog article was based on the findings of the report "Education in a Devolved Scotland: A Quantitative Analysis - Report to the Economic and Social Research Council, March 2013" (Special Paper No. 30) by Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally and Gill Wyness published in May 2013.

Dr. Gill Wyness also wrote on the Higher Education Network, Guardian Professional (5th August, 2013) based on the same report.

She will give a presentation on the same topic at CREID seminar "Educational attainment and inequality in Scotland: How does Scotland compare with the rest of the UK?" on the 28th August, 2013 at the University of Edinburgh. Details of this seminar can be accessed via the Related Link below.

The story of the Herald Scotland also quoted remarks of a Scottish Government spokesman and a Yes Scotland spokesman. This article was also cited by Kilmarnock Standard (4th August, 2013) and STV (4th August, 2013).

These news articles, their source from the blog of LSE and the report can be viewed via the following links: