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BBC 1 & BBC Radio Scotland on Bell's comments at ESRC Think Tank 1

BBC Scotland Political Correspondent, Raymond Buchanan, reported from the conference. He interviewed Professor Bell, with on screen reference to the ESRC, and also getting a response from Education Secretary Mike Russell. That report featured in the Reporting Scotland BBC1 at 6.30 pm on the 22nd May, and led the 10.30pm BBC 1 bulletin that evening.

A week later, on the 30th May, Professor David Bell’s original interview was featured on BBC Radio Scotland GMS in response to a new paper from Universities Scotland holding out the potential for different funding treatment of Scottish students from the rest of the UK. The legal advice was also picked up by the Herald Scotland the next day on the 31st May, 2013, with commentary by Andrew Denholm.

The article from the Herald Scotland and its commentary can be viewed via the following links:

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