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Riddell's presentation on social justice and children's rights to Inclusion Dialogue Podcast Launch | 26 Nov 2020

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited to speak on 'Social Justice, Children’s Rights and Inclusive Education' at the School of Education 2020-21 Research Webinar: Inclusion Dialogue Podcast Launch organised by Trinity College Dublin on the 26th November 2020.

In this webinar, a host of international experts offered their insights on how we can achieve inclusive education. Using excerpts from the podcast series, Dr Joanne Banks explored our conceptual understanding of inclusion; the evidence base for inclusive education; the policy and practice disconnect and the link between inclusive education and inclusion for society. Guest speakers with Joanne Banks for the launch webinar included Prof. Julie Allan (Professor of Equity and Inclusion and in the University of Birmingham), Prof. Jayanthi Narayan (visiting Professor School of Education in the University of Northampton), Prof. Michael Shevlin (Trinity College Dublin), Prof. Richard Rose (Professor Emeritus in Inclusive Education at the University of Northampton), Prof. Sheila Riddell (Chair in Inclusion and Diversity, University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Lani Florian (Bell Chair of Education at the University of Edinburgh).


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