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Inclusion Podcasts, Dr. Joanne Banks, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Joanne Banks from the Trinity College has conducted a series of podcasts to capture different perspectives on school inclusion.

The links are available below:

Inclusion Dialogue Podcast – Dr. Joanne Banks chats with Prof. Lani Florian

Learning capacity is not fixed, it’s open-ended

Professor Lani Florian, Bell Chair of Education at the University of Edinburgh and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS), has been a key figure in international discussions around inclusive education over the past decades.  She was interviewed on Dr. Joan Banks in her Inclusion Dialogue Podcast 'Learning capacity is not fixed, it’s open-ended.'

In this interview, Lani clearly sets out the argument that inclusion and equity in education is not about some learners but all learners. She emphasises the importance of the classroom teacher in creating inclusive environment where everyone is part of a school community.


Other Inclusion Dialogue podcasts

'We have to listen to students, we have to talk to students about what they want' – Podcast with Dr Anke De Boer, 18th February 2021

'Every learner matters, and matters equally' – Podcast with Prof. Mel Ainscow 11th February 2021

'Inclusive vision, special education reality' – Podcast with Prof. Garry Hornby 28th January 2021


'Now that we know better, we need to do better' – Podcast with Dr Kate De Bruin 21st January 2021 


'Everybody belongs, and they belong in our local school' – Podcast with Prof. Michael Shevlin 14th January 2021 


'Creating inclusive cultures goes well beyond teaching, it’s about looking at your value system' – Podcast with Dr Frederic Fovet 7th January 2021