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Riddell comments on 'inadequate' provision in mainstream schools | 24 April 2018

In an interview by TES, Riddell commented that the sharp increase in cases in Scotland special needs tribunal could be attributed to the 'inadequate' provision in mainstream schools.

In response to the significant increase in caseload for Scotland's Additional Support Needs Tribunal and the growing numbers of parents  to send their children to independent residential schools, Professor Sheilia Riddell said in an interview by Emma Seith that the trend could be attributed to a rise in appeals against local authority decisions to refuse to place pupils at residential special schools. Riddell added that it could be an indication that the needs of these parents were not being met in mainstream primaries and secondaries.

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TES (24 Apr 2018, Latest stories, by Emma Seith). Sharp rise in special needs tribunal cases blamed on 'inadequate' provision in mainstream schools.

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