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Riddell comments on difference in the proportion of pupils with CSP across authority areas | 7 May 2018

Riddell was interviewed by Andrew Denholm from The Herald in response to figures that indicate a significant difference in the proportion of pupils with complex difficulties being given a coordinated support plan (CSP) across authority areas.

Professor Sheila Riddell warned that the reduction in the proportion of pupils being given statutory help mean that 'pushy' middle-class paretns were more likely to secure a CSP. Riddell added that, according to information from local authorities, the current policy is not to open CSP anymore unless parents demand them. This in turns puts the onus on parents, or possibly even their child, to demand a document that they may not know about rather than having the local autohrities assessing whether the child needs one, which is what they are legally obliged to do.

This news article can be viewed via the following link:

The Herald (7 May 2018, by Andrew Denholm). Postcode lottery in learning help.